You hope this will never happen to you – losing a baby.

Sadly statistics show that miscarriage brings approximately 1 in 10 pregnancies to sudden halt. Every miscarriage has its own underlying causes. The risk of a miscarriage is at its greatest in the first trimester. Pregnant women aged 40 and above also belong to the risk community (no fewer than 1 in 5). Around 25,000 Dutch women have a miscarriage every year.

For many of them, miscarriage is an emotional rollercoaster. A time during which their bodies need to recover, but also a period in which their emotional ‘self’ needs to be reset with the help of unconditional attention and tender loving care.

Throughout this traumatic period, we believe it is of the essence that the woman in question receives all the support and attention she deserves. Her body has to accept that that it is no longer preparing for childbirth and must heal, while at the same time she must come to terms with the distress of losing her baby.

The postpartum treatments we offer provide the necessary support in this emotional and physical healing process. It does not matter how far along the pregnancy was before tragedy struck. Premature termination indescribably impacts the heart-to-heart contact between the mama and her unborn baby – and that hurts, really hurts, to lose that exceptional bond so suddenly.

With the treatments we are enabled to help the mama in the course of time to compartmentalise the emptiness she feels, to create a safe and secure sanctuary for her in which she can mourn the premature death of her baby in the way she considers right and fitting.

Should you feel the need for tender loving care and sympathetic support after a miscarriage, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are there for you when the going gets tough.

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