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Crying for hours, not falling asleep, behavioral problems: baby whisperer Layla Cremer has been helping parents who are distraught by the behavior of their little one for sixteen years. “I prefer not to call it a gift, that immediately puts it in a box. It is possible for me to tune in to the energy of a baby / toddler / toddler. To see and feel my client on a soul level. Actually, I do not work very differently from a pedagogue or social worker. The big difference is in the extra bit of spirituality that is used in the contact with the child to get information. This means that in addition to the conversations with parents, and the answers that are given, there is also reliance on the information that is collected by means of, for example, telepathy, translating body language and interpreting the crying behavior. This way I get a much broader picture of the character and possible problems of your child. Based on this, you as parents will get an even clearer picture of your baby and support can be given in case of problems by means of the energetic treatment method Ondevit . Often parents are afraid that I will tell them that they are all wrong. Mothers in particular can be a bit tense in my practice: “What am I doing wrong?” Then I reassure them: the cause does not necessarily have to be with the parents. Sometimes a child, for example, still has problems with the birth. After all, being born is the greatest transition that takes place in your life. In some children, the stress of this can have a long effect. I believe that you not only have a physical body, but also a spiritual body and an emotional body. In addition, everyone has a soul body that already exists before conception. All those bodies have to merge (incarnation process) and that does not always happen automatically. Especially babies and children can suffer from this. ”


Ondevit (supplements) is a method that brings your energy balance back in order. It stimulates and balances the self-healing power that everyone has in them. The aim is that you will continue under your own steam.

The treatment has the following starting point:

A person consists of energy, emotion and a physical body that in principle is self-healing if in balance. If there is a disturbance in the balance, symptoms of physical and / or emotional discomfort can occur (for example, illnesses, burnout, feeling uncomfortable, etc.)

During my treatment / reading I investigate where and why. From the information obtained, energetic drops are made that represent exactly the energy to cancel the imbalances. After the session, go home with 1 or more bottles of energetic drops. The drops should be taken until the bottles are empty. This is an important part of the total treatment to achieve the best result.

Ondevit is a natural therapy that has a supportive effect and can be combined with other treatment methods such as acupuncture, shiatsu, remedies, coaching, the regular medicine etc.

The treatment is suitable for all ages

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