Baby conversation: baby on the way

During pregnancy you will quickly make contact with your baby naturally, rubbing your stomach gently and talking to it are some examples of this. Your child is aware of much more than we sometimes think.

Did you know that your baby can communicate with you before he / she is born?

Just think about a strong hunch you may have had about the sex of your baby. I’m sure your child is the messenger. Conversations started by children before their birth or announcement dreams are common. They occur during and before pregnancy.

Baby conversation baby on the way

A session

Very special if your baby has visited you and made his / her presence felt clearly. With this information it is of course also possible to start a conversation with your child yourself. During a session I can make telepathic contact with your baby before birth, which makes me an interpreter for you and your baby. These are heartwarming conversations that lead to an intense connection. The session can be seen as a stepping stone for more soul-level conversations between you together.

In a lovingly relaxed atmosphere, we invite your child together for a conscious meeting and loving introduction. I can start the conversation for you and translate what your baby has to say. With our joint intention and a healthy curiosity from you and your baby, it almost goes without saying. The different ways to communicate with your child are also discussed.

It is a special experience and enormously enriching for you and your baby to start communicating early. An extra dimension is added to your pregnancy. This way you can get to know each other quickly and you don’t have to wait until after the birth. It is also very exciting to find out what your child has to say. How does your baby experience the journey until delivery and why did he / she choose you as mum and dad? Past life experiences play a major role in this.

This treatment is given by Layla Cremer

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