Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Two weeks before and two weeks after your due date, we take into account that you can give birth at any time (of course it can always be earlier). As soon as you have given birth, you or your partner can let us know as soon as you have a quiet moment. From day 5 after the delivery we will see which of us can come to you first. This can be on day 5, but it can also be on day 8. Depending on your and our schedule, but usually we will come to you within 10 days

You have become a mother (again). It is nice to land together and start up together. For example, we also only give a yoni team treatment from day 5 if there are stitches.

You can always specify a preference in advance, but this is not necessary. You only know much better what you need after you have given birth and do not have to make a decision until then. When in doubt, we are of course happy to give advice. That is why we are always very curious how you are doing and how your delivery has been.

The belly wrap that we bring is yours. We teach you to do this yourself when we are there. You will also receive instructions from us (videos and pdf file) on how to use the belly wrap because we absolutely do not expect you to remember everything immediately. You can always view / read the instructions if you are going to do it yourself.

After a Caesarean section, we always recommend the yoni team in combination with the herbal stamp massage. This is possible as soon as you can lie on both sides without pain and discomfort. The yoni team is really ideal as a support in the recovery of the uterus. The massage helps the body to relax and to remove toxins and waste more quickly. Both are also very nice for emotional release and balance.
A belly binding is possible after about 6 weeks

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