Yonisteam Extra

Herbal steam for the vagina and uterus

Our yoni steam is a traditional Thai treatment. It cares for, cools and relieves discomfort in the vaginal and perineal area. Due to the unique composition of the herbs, it is also extremely suitable as support in the recovery of the uterus.

As soon as you take a seat on the “steam chair” (which we take with us), the herbs, in combination with the heat, start with their healing and magical work. We cover you so that you stay warm and no steam escapes. We will let you enjoy yourself in peace for half an hour.

The healing benefits of our yoni steam include:

  • Support in the recovery of the stitches. Especially nice after cutting or tearing
  • Stimulates the retraction of the uterus to its original size / position
  • Care of the uterus (therefore also very nice after a Caesarean section)
  • Removes residual lochia
  • Nurtures, heals and supports the healing of wounds
  • Soothes and prevents swelling / infections
Yoni Steam

In the Netherlands, purple (vicryl) and white (rapide) suture is generally used. Rapide is quickly soluble and in recent years it has also been used more and more for the continuous stitching of a cut. The wire dissolves due to moisture, among other things. A steam bath speeds up this process. After five days, the function of the wire is less important and you can start with a yoni steam. External stitches will be removed by the midwife around the sixth day. Underlying stitches take up to six weeks to resolve on their own. Sometimes the subcutaneous suture material does not dissolve properly and a yoni steam can offer a solution.

Please note! A yoni steam is a must, especially for a Caesarean section. The herbs travel through the vagina to the uterus.

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