First Days Mama Box

Happy Mama Happy Baby launches the unique postpartum product line. The First Days Mama Box is generously filled with comfort and lighting. Let’s face it, the first days postpartum aren’t glamorous….

This box has been specially formulated to soften the raw edges in terms of recovery after childbirth.


1x portable peri bottle / Yoni Shower
1x Witch Hazel atomizer
1x It’s a Mama foil balloon
6x Cool Maternity bandages
6x Postpartum Short-underwear (S / M or L / XL)

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Portable Peri Bottle / Yoni Shower (650ml)

This is indispensable for every mom who has just given birth during every visit to the toilet.

The unique design of the Yoni Shower ensures that you can easily rinse the vagina and perineal area on the toilet. By filling it with warm water you can already rinse during urination so that the urine is diluted to prevent the burning sensation. Regular rinsing not only provides relief, especially with stitches and / or a cut, but also reduces the risk of infection by keeping the area clean. That is why we recommend that all newly-given mothers use the Yoni Shower

The unique design of the Yoni Shower allows you to reach places on the toilet where you normally cannot reach with a regular bottle, or a jug, filled with water without turning it into a water ballet. At the bottom of the Yoni Shower you will find a silver valve. Covering it with a finger before turning the bottle over will prevent water from escaping
runs. As soon as you take your finger off the valve, a gentle, constant stream of water will come out of the bottle. That way you don’t have to squeeze the bottle, or not too hard, to rinse your vagina. Even after your postpartum period, it is nice to continue to use the Yoni Shower for the daily bathroom rituals. It is made of very good quality materials (BPA free)
and will last for years.

Witch Hazel Diffuser (without alcohol)
A natural solution to help your vagina recover. Witch Hazel has an immediate cooling effect, soothes swelling and relieves pain. It is also popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for scrapes, tears, a cut and hemorrhoids. Composition: Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Water, Benzoic Acid (0.13-0.17%)

It’s a Mama Foil Balloon
In addition to the birth of a baby, a mama is also born, It’s a Mama! You have achieved a top performance; Worn for 9 months and gave birth. You’re the one who did the hard work, you did it!

18 inches – 43 cm

ready to be filled with helium or air

color fuchsia

Cool Maternity bandage
This cooling maternity dressing stimulates the recovery of the perineal area. Provides relief and cooling and especially feels very comfortable and nice with swelling, stitches and hemorrhoids.

Very user-friendly because you can simply burst the liquid-filled sachet inside by exerting pressure on the CoolKraam dressing. Then shake well, so that the cooling effect is activated.
You place the Cool Maternity Bandage in your underpants, just like you do with normal maternity bandages.
No more fumbling with maternity pads that have been left in the fridge or freezer, where you have to be careful that it is not too cold and you can burn yourself. Due to the self-cooling content, it can be used anywhere and is therefore easy to carry in your hospital bag, for example.

The CoolKraamverband has already won several awards in England because of its cool personality. ?

Postpartum Short-underwear
Soft comfortable postpartum underwear consisting of 95% cotton and 5% elastomer. The short model is Lady proof! Equipped with slightly longer legs and a large terry cloth cross, in which the maternity bandage stays in place. Six pieces in black.

Available in two postpartum sizes:
S / M
L / XL